1111 and 444 Experiences by Readers

Have you been seeing 444 or 1111 lately?

Read on to see that you are not alone!

I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me this past Saturday.... Feb 5 because I thought you would appreciate it.

I had a reflexology session on Saturday morning. I was driving home, and I decided to stop at Target... one of my favorite shopping spots.

I drove past the High School where my son attends and I noticed many buses parked there.

I figure there was a speech meet going on. This road is on the way to Target. So, I get to Target, pull in the lot, and one of the buses is parked there.

I get out of my Landcruiser, and this gentleman starts to walk towards me from the bus (he was the busdriver). He gets to me and says wow..... nice!

I thought he was talking about my truck.... and I say... yes, it is fun to drive.

He says no.... I am talking about your license plate..... which is 4444.

He then said..... I was a soldier in Vietnam.... my dog tags were 4444..... and then asked me if I knew what those numbers meant.... since they were on my car.

Well, I was a little in awe.... and I said.... that is angels.

He just dropped his jaw.... and he said, "when I was in Viet nam, I didn't believe in God, I didn't even want to know him. I was angry. A lot of people died..... my friends, the Vietnamese..... there was so much pain. I just couldn't see that there was a God."

I explained to him that that was okay... but that he was SURROUNDED by angels, even though he didn't know it.

He started to smile.... he said, yes, I can see that now. As I got older, I had some spirtual experiences and I found God, and angels.

Today, I can see no other way than to live with God in my life.

He thanked me for being there at that moment.... wished me well, and walked away.

I just stood there for a moment, and I thought.... oh my God.... and no coincidences.... eh? and then I walked on in to Target, and continued on with my day.

So, that was a wonderful experience..... and I know I am on the right path. Blessings and Love


Mary Ellen:

Smiling you sent this news letter on prayers, angels and 111 out at 11:42 PST....... I received it at 1:11AM...I had just finished a book on prayer energy and prayer fields yesterday morning. HUGS , PEACE , and LOVE... Valerie....

Hi, Mary Ellen!

Today I was going through old e-mails at work and discarding those I no longer needed.

I came across one that wasn't really business related, although I had sent it to an employee who had just announced she was pregnant with their first child.

To my surprise, it was dated 11/11/1998, sent at 11:55am the e-mail said, "Hark! It's the Angel..." and I had attached a graphic of an angel with a trumpet!

Until recently, I had no idea of the association with ll-ll and angels. Isn't it strange that I chose the date to send it and the angel graphic!!

it! Hope all is going well. SUSAN.x.

Dear Mary Ellen:

I have read stories in your website regarding 111. Can you explain to me what exactly it means, as I have recently experiencing this.

When I look at the time it's 1:11; on my last Visa bill when my credits were 111.11, and the balance was .11, as well as a charge which was 11.11, etc.

I know it represents something good, perhaps angels. Thank you for responding.

I love your newsletters, they brighten up my day.


Dear Mary Ellen,

I met you today at the Bellevue Square, at your book signing...totally unexpected by me! I hadn't heard of you or your book until today. I'm glad that I stopped and visited and bought your book because what I now understand after quite a few years of puzzlement...is no longer an unknown for me.

I was at my sister's house for dinner tonight and out of curiosity we went to your web page and started scrolling down and reading all of the topics and links to them. I was just about ready to stop and go back up to the top to subscribe, when something I read totally took me by surprise and down right shocked me! "1111 EXPLANATION"

I kept saying, " Oh my God ", my sister didn't know what was wrong with me. I kept saying to her, " come here "! By then I had clicked on the explanation and was already reading about something that I didn't know happened to so many other people besides me! My sister was also amazed because she knows that for quite sometime I searched for the answers to why I saw the 111 or the 1111 or the 444 or the 222 and you know, the number pairings go on! I asked Psychics, Astrologers, and read a Numerology Book in hopes to find my answer. I finally just decided that I would only know exactly what this meant for me.

I started seeing the 1111 on digital clocks, on cash receipts, and on my answering machine, when someone would leave a message it would record that time. I started waking up at those times and would remember a powerful dream or hear a voice with a strong message for me. I started noticing these numbers when I was really going through some changes in my life. About six years ago I was starting the process of a hard and unfriendly divorce.

One of the strongest times I can remember feeling the number power was when I was driving home from work. My clock in my car didn't ever keep the right time, but it was around 10:30 at night. All of a sudden, I felt this incredible warm energy rise up through my whole body from my feet all the way out of the top of my head. My eyes were watering and when I glanced at the clock it read, 1111. These numbers and experiences haven't stopped...they have only grown stronger with my self growth and acceptance of them. I know that they are Angel sent and bring guidance for me. Over time I have written them down and journalized, because I knew that they were important and powerful.

Mary Ellen, I am so grateful to have met you today. You helped me by sharing the 1111 stories of others and it has confirmed for me what I have always thought...I have a special gift and link to the Angels...we all have it...we just have to believe.

Thank-you for being there today...it was such a beautiful day for me!

With Fondness, D.D.

Dear Mary Ellen:

I had chills reading about the 11:11 time and that it was associated with Angels. For years, everyday at 11:11 and 1:11 I look at the clock, no matter what I am doing. I could never figure out what it meant. My daughter's lucky number is also 11 and has been for as long as I can remember. Now we know!

In the book, "There Are No Accidents" (Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives) by Robert Hopcke, on page 71 there is a story about this couple and the 11:11 time/number 11. He explains the association differently, and I'm sure the couple would be interested in the relationship between 11:11 and angels.

Thank you for the Newsletter and the miracle story that followed after our meeting. See, there was more than one reason why both of us stopped at Borders. I'm very happy that I did!


Dearest readers...these next few were posted on January 11, 2000 1/11/00

Dear Mary Ellen

Like many others I am seeing 111 and 1111 all the time..on clocks, recipts etc.

I am very curious as to why these numbers are comming up more and more in my life. Thank u soooooo very much for this website of answers.

love and light, Patrice

Dear Angel Scribe,

Thank you for tonights newletter. I know you are busy, but I had to share this.

When you mentioned the 111 sequence I started thinking about it, got up, went to my filing cabinet and pulled out my Mom's death certificate.

She crossed over December 24, 1998 at guess... 4:44pm.

Wow. It never hit me until now.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention. The page you suggested said it was resurection. Quite a thought for me to ponder on today.

Thank you again for the wake up call


Dear Angel Scribe,

Today I was reading a page with facts of all sorts to a group of residents and one of the items was 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = (don't have the number with me now).

Tonight I just opened your newsletter! Amazing! I think it's a miracle . . .

Love, Lettice

Mary Ellen,

Before I signed on to the computer, I looked at the clock. it showed exactly this: 11:11 PM.

Then I signed on to the computer, and found your email talking about the 111 number haunting you! Today is Jan 11th! Holy Mackerel, I feel wonderful, knowing Im being surrounded by loving angels!

Hugs, Mary Ellen S.

Dear Mary Angel,

I just read your newsletter of 1-11-00 and commented on how it touched my heart.

Something prompted me to go into my "sent mail" to check the time I wrote you, and the time of the msg. where I was thanking you is 1:11 a.m. Isn't God awesome.

Last month I had so many 111 happenings I stopped counting. Funny you should send this today!

Much Love Kirk

Dearest Readers,

Three of our friends came up from California and as we drove up to Canada we changed drivers at a rest stop on the freeway. The mileage of the trip read 111.1 miles.

Melissa in the back seat shouted, "Look at the time!"

The time was 11:11. Watch for the sings in your life too. God does not post bill boards... but gentle signs along our freeway of life.

Blessings Mary Ellen ^I^

Dear Mary Ellen,

I spent several hours reading the material on your page.

You may know that Solara spoke years ago of an 11:11 Doorway opening in the belt of Orion on January 11, 1992. She predicted that people would start to notice 11:11 often, such as the time on digital clocks. Her prediction proved to be right. The phenomenon is quite extensive. See: COINCIDENCE AND 11:11


To Angel Scribe,

I'm giving myself this free morning to surf on Angel sites, and THEN do housework. Somehow I found your site and was reading readers comments on seeing 111 and 444, which I related to.

As I was reading I glanced up at the cable box on my TV, and the time was 11:11 !!!!!!

I started crying and had warm chills all over. I've always loved Angels and have quite a huge collection, mostly gifts from friends.

I always feel such heartfelt safety and love whenever I get a sign that they are near me, and seeing the time on that clock at that exact moment was such a synchronicity that I feel "all is well, all is as it should be at this exact moment."

I have man-many tiny experiences with Angels and blessings they send, and each one tells me I'm not as alone as I feel. It's been quite a while since I explored my soul side. I read about it alot, but exploring has been on hold. 11:11 being a wake up call means more than you know. Robyn

Mary Ellen,

Last night as I pulled into my driveway, I looked down at my mileage and it read 11,111.1! Weird!

Than I woke up this morning at 2:22am!

This is just getting too weird!

Those Angels are working their magic!

Thanks Tina B

P.S. thanks for the autograph for my book!

In the summer of 1978 I began seeing 1111. I also see 111, 222, 333, etc.

Sometimes I'll wake in the middle of the night at exactly 1:11.

These numbers have appeared on boxes, license plates, house numbers, friends addresses, phone numbers, totals at the grocery store.

I had a hospital room # 222. The last three digits of my Social Security number are 111. The last three digits on my vehicle's VIN number are 222.

We had a different vehicle emission tested and the certificate number was 222. I hear the numbers also, like when a radio announcer says the time 1:11 PM.

Sometimes when I'm reading a book I'll hear a word spoken out loud by someone just as I'm reading the exact same word. I also saw the 11:11 on the clock the night before my husband died. For some reason the numbers are prevelent in my life.

I found your web site and signed up for the newsletter. Got very excited reading the information, especially about 1111 and angel communication. To make a long story short, that's the street number of the new house we're building in the development, Devine Estates off Halstrom Road.

I always felt our new place was meant to be. There are no accidents in the Universe. In Peace, Margene

I have been having some weird experiences with the 1111,111,and others.

I have been noticing them for about a week now. It is so weird. I will look at the clock and its 1:11.

Today I was trying to change some properties on my web browser and the file size was 1111 bytes! That was really weird. I went back and looked again and it was different! Weird!

I have seen a lot of the double numbers and numbers with the 111's. Obviously, someone is trying to tell me something. I figure I will learn that something soon. Thanks Tina

Hi Mary Ellen ^I^,
In June I had many 444 experiences.

I had to replace my furnace filter and went to the hardware store up the corner. They were sold out of the size I needed so I bought the next size larger knowing I could cut it to fit as I had done a prior time.

I gave the woman cashier $10.00 and the change was $4.44. That gave me a good feeling the rest of the night.

The next day Tuesday I went to my brother's house in Pennsylvania. We were going that evening to a Phillies baseball game. I got out of work before him was at his house first.

To pass the time I read through a magazine. Then decided to give my dear friend Judy a call. As I dialed her number the clock on the phone read 4:44 40 sec. I was so excited I couldn't wait to tell her.

The game was good for awhile, the Yankees were winning, but then the Phillies blew the game open. We left an inning early. The next day while driving to work, I opened up to the sports section and started to read the game recap.I was stunned to read in the first sentence that the attendance for the game was 44,444. The sportswriter wrote that that number was bizzare. I thought it was simply amazing!

Also, the same morning on the way to work,I just happened to look over and see 4414 on a mailbox on the road. Lastly, on the way home I just happened to look down and see the last three numbers on my speedometer turn to 444.What a run of fours ,huh?

God bless you and keep up the great work God has given you to do. Love, Scottie

I am a prayer team member and recently put myself on the prayer chain for a solution to work problems. I have had a bad year with teaching assistants and I am praying that a wonderful one be sent to me so my energy can be directed to the severely emotionally disturbed children I teach.

One assistant this year screamed and carried on at me in front of the kids and then left all because I asked him to help me with a little boy who was Out of control. Their replacement was even worse.

Anyway, I prayed. The team prayed. I am truly blessed in my life because I have earth angels as friends also. One of these earth angels gave me an Angel night light because she also worries about my current teaching assistant.

After receiving the team's prayers, I fell asleep with my nightlight on. I woke up at 1:11 and saw my Angel night light and could feel the presence of my Angels and their unconditional love.

Was it a coincidence that I woke up at 1:11? I don't think so! I know longer believe in coincidences and recognize them as the works of Angels.

I know the perfect assistant will be found and brought to me.

Much Love & Light, Mary

Dear Angel,

Last week, someone I don't even know e-mailed me the URL of your homepage.

I never opened your URL until yesterday. That's when I saw the link about the sets of numbers, ones in particular. My birthday is 11/1, for one thing! Also, I balanced my checkbook yesterday, and in the course of adding and subtracting, the dollar number figures $111.00 and $1111.51 came up. Now, today, I'm seeing sequences of eights everywhere.

Blessings on you for your work.

Sincerely, Trish

I recently took a trip to Africa to see my youngest daughter who is in the Peace Corps.

I was very frightened to make the trip, feeling I might get lost. I prayed for guidance and the message was, once again, that I was not alone. I keep forgetting that!

My daughter was so excited about me visiting her that I rode on that energy and went to Africa. Every thing went well and we headed for our hotel room. I asked what is the room number and looked up as she stopped at the door to our room. It was 111.

I said, I believe that means angels are present. Then I said maybe they are reminding me that they were truly with me, especially on this trip.


Hi Angel lady...

Had to share a funny thing... I just added up some bills and got $777...thought that was neat... not the amount...lol but the 3 7's

Then I added up money left over from last month and my roomer's check... got $777..... nothing left over there but soooooo funny.... to not just get it once but to get it twice and both around my finances...... lolololol

Love Sally

Dear Mary Ellen,
My daughter was born 11/11/96, and she is a special needs kid. My husband is a former Navy man, and is now in the Air National Guard. We always joked that her birthday is a reminder of her dad's military service (it is Veteran's Day).

Having always been in love with Angels, someone sent me your Angelscribe page. I now realize that she truly was sent by God, as the special blessing i know she is, even if I don't have the patience to deal with a difficult day, I will remind myself of the special numbers of her birthdate, and that she came to me directly from Heaven!!!

Dear Mary Ellen,

I enjoy reading about the Angel clouds and the significant stories behind the sightings. The last newsletter story was incredible and sent chills up and down my body. As most your stories do.

I have not seen any Angels clouds but did have an Angel appearing from my pie dough this last thanksgiving when I was making my pumpkin pies for the holiday. It looked much like your tea stain Angel. I will try soon to get the film developed.

I have however been seeing the number 1111 appearing on my VCR several times a week lately. I glance up to see what time it is and it so happens to be eleven after eleven. Mostly this has been taking place in the evening but the other morning as I lay in bed (I have been sick with a cold so I was in bed most the day), I glanced up at my VCR and it was 11:11 am.

I am usually the person taking care of those around me, being strong and lending my strength to those in my life. I have been tired and in great need of someone tending to me. It is nice to know that while I am resting, angels are not only here for me, but are taking up where I have had to leave off for a while. And I thank them for letting me know the job is being done. I would not be able to rest if I thought my job was not being done.

And if I want to see Angel clouds, I just go to your web sight and see what others have shared with the rest of us. I was incredibly enthralled when I saw the Angel cloud pictures on your web sight. Beautiful work. Thank you for all you and your team does for us.

Love and learn - Tobi

I do a lot of Internet research for the company I work for and one day I happened upon your site.

I find the stories very refreshing. Ever since the 111 story, whenever I feel a little frustrated or stressed and look at the time at the bottom right side of my monitor, it is 11:11 or 11:20 or 2:11.

I say hello to my Angels, thank them, take a deep breath and get on with the day! Thank you and all other contributors to your site. Here is one of my favorite quotes - it is in front of me all day long and helps to remind me of what is really important.

"To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affections of children; to learn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a little bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~

Thanks again! Angela (We live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Kelowna, BC Canada)

HI, I was playing slingo...looked at the score...it was11100 and the time was11:01. Those angels I saw them everywhere today!

I woke up at 11:11 last night! I had only been asleep a short time! This morning I was outside with my Granddaughter and she said she wanted to go in! Weird, she never wants to go in! LOL...so we went in and sat in the rocking chair and turned a video on...I noticed that the time on the VCR and cable box was 11:11! I love the little reminders..makes my day go so much better! Love Jane^

Note from Michael the Angel Scribe Web Master

Just uploaded the sorted maillist.list
The Angels smiled back with a message at the bottom of ftp screen.
One File transfered (44.44)kbytes/sec on status message.
* * *
The book THE MESSENGERS, by Julia Ingram and GW Hardin relates the magic of the
number sequence 444 in our lives.
Mary Ellen Angel Friend,

After writing to you about talking to my friend online at exactly 444 in the morning, my day progressed with many happenings.

One was hearing 4 knocks on my front door and having my 18 month old granddaughter come flying down the hall from her nap. the point is that there was no one visible at the door and I was standing in the kitchen next to the door when I heard the knocks!

One of the others was when my daughter was home on a break from work we were discussing in HOPEFULNESS the problems and solutions we seem to be facing together. At the same time we were discussing delivered Pizza, go and get pizza, or home baked and doctored pizza, as we decided for the home pizza I went to turn the oven on...the clock on my oven read exactly 1111! those have always been my Angel numbers.

But you know what? I look for them everywhere. Love and peace and Angels to you Jane ^j^

Tonight, and a few nights in the last week, I have been playing Solitare on the computer. I keep completing games in 111 seconds. This number sequence has helped reassure me.

I have to have surgery on the 20th of Jan. and every time I get stressed about it, I get a time of 111.

I think this is my Angel's way of letting me know that she will be with me during my surgery.

The surgery is nothing major, but since I learned they will be performing it in the clinic instead of the hospital, I have been really really nervous and this has helped me.

I never knew that 111 was a symbol for Angels till I started reading the news letter. Thanks A Lot!!! Nikki

Ever since my Angel cloud sighting I have been seeing more ones!

On Thanksgiving day I happened to look at the car radio clock as we pulled into my brother's driveway, and it said 1:11.

My son updated software in my computer and now my windows 95 build is 1111!

Last night the UConn basketball game was going on and my husband told me to look at the final score on tv. UConn's score was 111 to 46.

Today I was searching for a book on the Internet and the search said first 50 of 111!

Now, I get real enthused everytime I see ones! I like Doreen Virtue's explanation of the 111's on your site. I do feel like I have a closer spiritual connection. Elaine (\0/)


Subj: 1111
Date: 1/2/99 10:44:11 AM Pacific Standard Time
I have been seeing numbers, 1111 being the most prevalent, for the last three years--all the time. I had no idea what it meant. I cannot even begin to recount all the times I see number combinations....every day.

It was eerie at first, even down to addresses, phone numbers, clocks, simply everything--I felt somehow labelled by '1111'. I have always been good with sensing time, and it is almost a magnetic force that pulls me to the clock at certain consecutive number combinations. My mother and father have the same thing--and we all agree that certain numbers seem to 'follow' one throughout life--more than seeming coincidence. Now I'm used to it and am willing to somehow understand it better--I have been wondering about this for years--THANK YOU for the wonderful site! Saskia

I couldn't even BEGIN to tell you about my HUNDREDS of 444 stories! Literally....HUNDREDS!

Even my friends and family notice the incredibly frequency of the numbers ALWAYS being around me. Exit signs, clocks, sports jerseys, lic. plates (constantly!!), phone numbers.. WHENEVER and WHEREVER there are numbers around me....there is ALWAYS a 44 or 444 around. ALWAYS!!! It would be impossible for me to NOT notice them! Try ignoring a huge hand in front of your face!!!

I turn around in a neighborhood where I have never been..and the address (that I can't see until I am in the driveway TURNING...is 444! My favorite grandparents live in Virginia. They call their property "Baileywick." It's the ONLY place in my life that still remains from my childhood. It is a MAGICAL place for me. It is one of the few places where I can go and I can just let it go and cry! It's where I regain my childhood. I feel so ME there. CLOSE to my heart. The beauty is awe inspiring. Let's just say...when I die...that's where I want my ashes to FLY!!! Can't believe this...but I JUST realized recently......that their address is: 444 RIO RD.!!!!

Thanks for helping me to finally SEE the significance! It settles so much in my heart for me :) At least NOW I KNOW it's not just coincidence!! See...these 4's have been in my life for probably 15 - 20 YEARS! THAT'S how long I've been noticing them!

Love, Whit

I was just forwarded your web page and have been reading through the links. When I came upon the numbers 1111, I read on.

I also attribute the occasional ringing in my ears to Angels. Have you ever heard your name called out, turned around and no one was there? Sometimes it's a male voice, sometimes female. I've begun to belive that when this happens, it's my guardian Angel singing my name.

Blessings, Ellen


I was on my way to do the laundry with my 3 year old and we saw the most phenomenal thing in the sky this afternoon - two clouds --one was in the shape of two wings. I might have missed it but right above it was a perfect circle cloud -- a halo or a head -- I stopped dead on the sidewalk and just stared. People started looking up but no one seemed to see it but us.

I have been in a multiple stress situation for several months now and I have been seeing 1111 and 444 constantly. I knew I wasn't alone so I wasn't giving in to panic and depression like I would normally have. Now with my Angel cloud I know that everything will be resolved (in fact I got back home and waiting in the mail was something that will relieve one of the stressful situations).

Just had to tell you -- Thanks for the network and all that you do. Johanna


At approximately 7:45 AM this morning going out my front door to go to work I looked up into the sky and saw a cloud that resembled a wing of an Angel. I didnít think too much of it, until I got on the highway going toward Hartford, CT. Again, I looked up at the sky and saw the SAME cloud formation!

The cloud shaped like an Angelís wing followed me all the way to work, right up to my parking garage. The whole time driving, as the Angelís wing stayed in my view, I felt peace and serenity. I was smiling the whole time and my spirit felt bright.. The road rage around me, cars speeding, cutting others off, tailgating, etc. didnít even phase me. My guardian Angel was hovering over me and protecting me.

I just wanted to add that, after reading your newsletter tonight, about the person who posted about seeing a lot of 1's, I went to another newsletter that I receive daily also, and I read the volume number which was 1111! I had a good laugh. I guess this was a real Angelic day for me today! Elaine


The Angels tell me that whenever we see 111 or 1111, that it means that a spiritual gate or window is open for us, and we should use it as a sign to make a wish or hold a thought of what we would like to manifest. Because when we see 1111 or 111, the thought will manifest into form very quickly.

Lots of love and thank you again for all of your support; it means so much to me! Love, Doreen www.angeltherapy.com

Hi MaryEllen: I have had so many experiences with 1111 lately. Also, the 444 thing. Wondered what it meant. Every night it seems I get into bed and its 11:11 or I'm online and shut off the computer at 11:11. Looked outside yesterday and saw an Angel in the sky and it was pointing upward. Wonder what that meant?, Love, Joanne

Do you keep seeing the numbers 444 and 1111?

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