1111 and 444 Experiences by Readers

Have you been seeing 444 or 1111 lately?

Read on to see that you are not alone!

Mary Ellen,
After I read "The Messengers" I passed the book to my husband to read. When he got to the part about the 444, I asked if he had ever seen such a sign. He said he hadn't and asked if I had. I said I hadn't either. It was Superbowl Sunday and I was bored with the game so I decided to check my e-mail.

You were having problems with sending your newsletter so I received 2 e-mails from you.

The first one arrived at 2:22pm and the second came in at 4:44pm. It was the first time I had ever received those kinds of signs from my angels.

Ever since then, not a day goes by where I don't receive several signs from my angels. I'm sure they were there before I read the book, I just never noticed. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Starting over a year ago, I've seen 1111 many times usually on digital clocks. This seems to be more than just by chance.

Not long ago, I was fed up with a certain cellular company, so my wife did me a favor, and got a new service for my company. Sure enough, the last for digits are 1111.

The other day, I was just playing around on the net when I thought I'd punch in 1111. That's how I discovered your web site.

I've always beleived that God has his angels helping us out all the time, but I never put it together with the ones until I was led to discover this wonderful insight on the computor. Now I'm praying more than before.

Thankyou for your web site, and may God Bless


It all started in 1997. I woke up at 4:44am and had an urge to turn on the radio. Olive's song, "You're Not Alone" was on.

It was a weird. A couple of days later I heard it on the radio again at 4:44 PM.

I worked in radio, so I know that is impossible to plan.

I told my friend, and she did not belive me. When we going on a road trip, and the song came on AGAIN at 4:44am.

Each time I had a feeling. Ever scine then I see 4:44 alot. Whenever I feel something good is going to happen, I see the numbers. M.J.

Dear Mary Angel,

Here a little Dutch story.

I watched one of our clocks after waking up and it was 11.11 ..

1 hour later I watched another clock, one which is still 1 hour behind, and it showed again 11.11.

I turned on the television to watch a programm in which they solve crimes and they were talking about a crime comitted on the 11 of november (11.11 again).

So I wanted to know why.. and I typed in 1111 on my computer and started searching on the internet.... I found your site.

I am about to make some big decisions and I think I will make the right ones with the help of those angels.... 1111.

Lobke, The Netherlands

Dear Souls,

For as long as I can remember, I recall looking at the digital clock's readout and being happy when it read 11:11.

I taught my two younger sisters and many friends that when they saw the clock read that time, "make a wish." I had no idea as to why I felt this way. . . Then I read a bit on your webpage about the importance and connection of that number. WOW! Thank you for sharing that with me.

K. Elizabeth

Dear Mary Ellen,

I couldn't wait to get home from my past weekend so that I could share my excitement with you!

I knew that you would really be able to appreciate this!

On Saturday my cousin and I rode the STP, (Seattle to Portland 200 mile bike ride) on his tandem! I have done different athletic and biking events...but I have never ridden 200 miles before.

I was a bit nervous also because I had a back injury at work last summer that kept flaring up and slowing my training down.

Anyway, days before the ride...I asked God for strength and for my Angels to be with me on the ride. Well, guess what I saw all the way to Portland...especially at the times I needed it most? Yes,...1111 and 444 and lots of different combinations of these miraculous numbers!!!

I had a computer on my right handle bar that kept track of miles, times, and riding averages. There were soooo many times that I would look down and see those wonderful numbers and know that I had special friends riding with me! WOW...I feel so blessed! And guess what?

My back felt great and I didn't have any soreness...except for some sore legs...but I asked for a healthy back... I knew that I would have sore legs!

And guess what else I found 2 of during my adventure? Oh...I knew that you would guess! YES...2 pennies...small miracles that mean soooo much to me?!!! Well,...I received more than I expected!!!

I just had to share my weekend with you because it was soooo magical!


I wanted to tell you that since I have opened up more to god/spirit/angels I now see 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 4:44, Etc in great excess.

I'm talking at least a dozen per week- and I'm not even looking for them to happen- I'll just look at the clock and there it is.

I haven't seen any repeat digits since 9th grade english class- and that was only 1 per week or less...... neat, huh?

hugs and kisses, Sarah

I'm very excited to find your site as well as relieved that others are experiencing what I have been, number synchronicity.

Several years ago I noticed I would constantly see the numbers 222, it was happening way too o ften to be coincidence. As time went by the frequencies decreased and I would just forget about it. However, every so often I would start to see these numbers again, quite frequently. They would come in waves, very extreme then fade.

I asked everyone that I knew what this could possibly mean, many just brushed it off as I was "just reading into things too much", so I would let it go. Every year or so it would start up again seeing the numbers 222 everywhere and then as it did before, slow down and fade.

The last time this happened I asked astrologers, professors, a Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner and Feng Shui master, and others and not one could give me an answer, so again I let it go. Until now.

Over the past several months it has started up again.

I started noticing the numbers 222, randomly at first but it has grown so intense it's almost as if I see it at least once an hour per day sometimes more.... everywhere!

I do not look for the number it's just there; car license plate, receipts, a ddresses, clocks, phone numbers, on advertisements, pages in books, I could go on and on. This time its so intense that I felt compelled to do more research.

As I started looking at things in my life I realized that 2's have been in my life since I was born, I was born on the 2nd as well as both my two sisters, three females in my family all born on the 2nd (222) and my grandmother, also born on the 2nd. I have lived in places for exactly 2 years 3 times in my life. I now live in building 22 with a 2 in my address, for 2 years. I am currently looking to purchasing a home and have seen 222 in addresses, fax numbers, pager numbers etc.

Recently, I've had what I thought to believe is a string of bad luck. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So I thought could this be the universe warning me of some harm or bad luck? .

All these incidences have since ended up / turned out to be extremely positive so I didn't believe this is a bad thing.

I told a friend about this happening again, I told her of it before when it happened so she knows that this is an ongoing event with me. Last night she was reading an article in a publication called the phenomenews, a local mind, body and spirit magazine. She came across an article that was sharing their happiness about the publication's success. In the article it spoke of 22, I believe referring to the number of years it has been since the day they started.

They said that the number 22 represents higher spiritual awareness and greatness. I took this as a sign that 222 now represents good and somehow, someway, some reason the universe has a reason/meaning for this.

I decided to just type in the numbers and see what I would find on the internet, looking for some answers or anything basically. I was on my way to work and running late so I decided to look at just one more site and this was it.

I do wish that I had given this more attention during the past times that I had seen these numbers so frequently, I plan on journalizing it now. The only thing I can remember during the last time I experienced this so much is that I was studying Feng Shui and was very spiritual.

Since that time I have become more "into the world" and gone away from reading/learning and doing things spiritually.

I decided that I needed to get back in that mode again and this is when I started seeing the numbers 222 regularly. I really am not positive that I'm interpreting this as it is intended, but perhaps that is why I keep searching.

I feel much better about these number sightings. I've been told several times in my life that I have great gifts and wonderful angel guides.

Every time I go away from this path I stop seeing those numbers. This time I truly believe that I need to continue on this spiritual path. I tell you, today I feel great ... great doesn't even do justice to the feelings I have.

Thank you

Ive been seeing numbers 777 and 111 on an increasing frequency rate on a daily basis. The other day I drove in front of a school bus and the number of the school bus was 111.

Two weeks ago I had to junk my dad's 77 caddy. then we leased a 97 jeep from a place that had 777 as a street address, and my lease payments was 177.77 per month.

EVerysingle day I see the numbers 1111 or 7777 on the clocks, license plate, etc. It seems to be increasing daily. I keep telling my hubby and he seems to be freaking out on this.

Why am I seeing this more and more everyday? I know it has something to do with my angels letting me know they are nearby and I always mentally thank them for the signs.

Cheers, Mary Ellen a faithful newsletter reader

I had a very cosmic birthday trip to the San Juan Islands camping all by myself, doing lots of reflection and inner child work.

When I turned on the car ignition at one especially victorious and happy moment, guess what, it was ll:ll p.m.! I wonder how many of us are now watching for this as a result of your sharing it?

Thank you for giving us so much!

Much love and thanks,


For the last 3 days in a row, I've looked at the clock precisely at 11:11. And then today, I checked into my new hotel room at 1:11. Hmmmmmm......

Love Brenda

I can't even believe it... well, actually I can!... I've been seeing "111" and "1111" for the past few years and I've asked soooooooooo many people to tell me what they thought it meant.

Most people thought I should play the lottery... but I told them I knew it didn't have anything to do with money.

I believed it was sign from God (I mean I've seen 1111's and heard church bells at the same time .. in the middle of the day.. in the middle of the week!) ... I just didn't know what it meant.

On Friday... one of the worst days I've had in years (long story but basically I had a huge "blowout" with my father... we've never gotten along... I've always believed he sexually abused me as a child but to protect the rest of my family, I've held it in for years ... but my mom came to my house Friday ... crying... begging me to get help for the anger I have towards my father... I knew it was time to do something... but I was petrified) someone I met on the internet (a guy who I first had contact with on November 11th (1111)) told me that he ran into a guy who told him that the 1's meant my Guardian angel was watching over me.

Later that night, I went into an angel chatroom and they gave me your web page. I couldn't even believe it! What are the chances that I find out what the 1's mean on the day I know I must make a huge change in my life? I know it isn't a coincidence!!

Mary Ellen... I know my life will be ok. The truth is I'm scared to death to deal with my past... absolutely petrified... and I know it's going to be a tough road but I'm on my way. I'm going to start going to a psychologist tomorrow... to help me deal with my past... and I know my guardian angels will walk me through this... and carry me when I need it!!

Thank you for giving me the hope that I've needed... and please pray for me.

Thanks again!

Well what do you know, I have always noticed good things happen at 11:11 ever since I was a little girl, but tonight was just plain neato.

I read your newsletter and sat down to make out my very first schedule for my first big University (UNT) when I noticed something neat happened.

I realized I was one class shy of what I needed, and I looked everywhere for something to take. I finally decided to take something I care about, American Sign Language, and get this.

The only time I could take it was 10 minutes before my health class, I have been told not to take them that close together, but I really wanted to take it so I looked it up on the map.

The two classes are not only close together, but they are in the same building on the same floor. And if that wasn't enough to make me feel more at ease about my new school, it all happened at 11:11!!!!


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